Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Picture if you will a man and a woman, sitting in the comfort of their own home just after the end of a long work week. It’s Friday, they are ready to relax and enjoy the fruits of a well deserved weekend. Suddenly, there comes a knock on the door and a ring at the bell. They’ve just entered… The Process Server Zone! As a rule, and everyone who knows us knows this, we don’t just answer the door or pick up the phone simply because a bell rings. Seriously, in every movie people hop up off the can, stop [...]

Show us yer haboobs!

It’s been the craziest year. We’ve lived in Arizona for a mighty long time and honestly I don’t recall ever hearing the word haboob until recently. Stranger than that, despite living in a desert dust bowl, I can’t remember the last monsoon season where walls of dust where such a consistent affair. It’s unreal. This past Thur the phone blared away with it’s emergency warning alert, (another all too common occurrence this year), and as I was on Tabitha my gut told me to check the weather. I saw a veritable wall of green/yellow/red on the satellite, to I high-tailed it home [...]

The Highs & Lows of 2012 So Far...

It has been a tumultuous year thus far. I’ve been meaning to write this for some time, but I am quite frankly exhausted. Every spare ounce of energy is used to curl up in Luna’s arms, love on our furry babies, plunge a virtual lightsaber through someone’s digital guts or to see the bottom of the next bottle. Let’s recap 2012 to date… The year began much as it always has with opening day of the Arizona Renaissance Festival serving as my official birthday gathering. From here we had the most insane Feb/Mar as both of our jobs went completely off the hook. Luna [...]


Happy Birthday Sister Moon!!!

R.I.P. Portia 2006-2012

The heart & soul of our happy home has been torn from us this year. Portia Pie, Her Royal Pieness, Our Sweet Girl, succumbed rapidly to an illness on the evening of 23 April forcing us to hospitalize her. She endured shaving, catheter needles, ultrasounds, surgery, transfusions and feeding tubes over the course of the next week in a fight to keep our girl alive. Our Warrior Pieness’ valiant fight was ultimately fruitless and we are bereft that our beautiful girl’s final days were away from home in a kennel instead of home with her family where she may still be today, [...]

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